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木瓜沙拉Papaya Salad

Green papaya salad with string beans, tomatoes, peanut, chili, lime juice

Sushi Dinner

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    J1. Garden Salad5.00 $

    – with homemade ginger dressing

    J2. Seaweed Salad7.00 $

    – mixed marinated seaweed, cucumber, mango, sesame seeds

    J3. Spicy Kani Salad 7.00 $

    – Kani Crab, cucumber, tobiko, spicy mayo

    J4. Crispy Duck Salad10.00 $

    – mixed greens, roasted crispy duck, spicy lemon garlic dressing

    Picture: Seared Ahi Tuna

    J5. Tuna Wasabi Dumpling10.00 $

    - thinly sliced blue fin tuna and salmon, guacamole, kani crab, honey Wasabi sauce

    J6. Hamachi Carpaccio10.00 $

    with Serrano In Yuzu Sauce

    J7. Seared Tuna Mango Salsa 12.00 $

    Seared balsamic glazed pepper tuna, mango salsa

    J8. Japanese Pizza 12.00 $

    Tuna, Salmon or Yellowtail – homemade Asian pancake, guacamole, troika, spicy mayo

    J9. Sunomono 12.00 $

    Sashimi and seaweed salad - thinly sliced blue fin tuna and salmon, guacamole, $10 kani crab, honey Wasabi sauce

    J10. Kumamoto Oyster 10.00 $

    Raw – 3 per order

    J11. Fish Tacos 13.00 $

    Taco shell, yellowtail, tuna, salmon, avocado, tomato, tobiko, spicy mayo and honey wasabi

    J12. Edamame5.00 $

    Steam fresh soy beans, kosher salt

    J13. Seafood Ceviche 11.00 $

    – Mix seafood with citrus cilantro sauce

    J14. Gyoza 6.00 $

    – pan fried chicken or steamed vegetable dumpling

    J15. Beef Negimaki 9.00 $

    – broiled rib-eye steak, green scallions, teriyaki sauce

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    J16. Popcorn Lobster Tempura 15.00 $

    – butter fried lobster tail, spicy citrus sauce

    J17. Seared Ahi Tuna 12.00 $

    – with kimchi wasabi soy and watercress

    J20. Edamame Dumpling8.00 $

    – with creamy wasabi sauce


    J21 Miso Soup 3.00 $

    Tofu, seaweed, scallions

    J22 Lobster Miso Soup 11.00 $

    Lobster meat, shitake mushroom, chives

    J23 Seafood Bisque Soup 11.00 $

    Daily seafood

    Sushi or Sashimi

    1 pc per order

    J24 Tuna4.00 $
    J25 White4.00 $
    J26 Yellowtail4.00 $
    J28 Fluke3.00 $
    J29 Striped Bass3.00 $
    J30 Salmon Roe4.00 $
    J31 Tobico (caviar)3.00 $
    J32 KampachiMP $
    J33 live ScallopMP $
    J34 Red Clam3.00 $
    J35 Eel4.00 $
    J36 Scallop3.00 $
    J37 Sea Urchin5.00 $
    J38 Octopus3.00 $
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    J39 Kani2.00 $
    J40 Smoked Salmon 4.00 $
    J41 Sweet Shrimp 6.00 $
    J43 King Crab 6.00 $
    J45 Mackere l3.00 $
    J46 Tamago (Egg)2.00 $
    Roll or Hand Roll

    Add cucumber or avocado $1.00, Add troika $1.00, Brown rice $1.00, Soy paper $1.00

    J47 Avocado or cucumber8.00 $
    J48 Vegetable4.00 $
    J49 Peanut Avocado5.00 $
    J50 Shrimp Avocado6.00 $
    J51 Shrimp Cucumber6.00 $
    J52 California 6.00 $
    J53 Tuna6.00 $
    J54 Sweet Potato Tempura 6.00 $
    J55 Salmon6.00 $
    J56 Salmon Avocado 6.00 $
    J57 Yellowtail Scallion 7.00 $
    J58 Sweet Potato Tempura 6.00 $
    J59 Boston 6.00 $
    J60 Eel Avocado 7.00 $
    J61 Eel Cucumber 7.00 $
    J62 Spicy Kani Crab6.00 $
    J63 Spicy Shrimp 7.00 $
    J64 Spicy Tuna 7.00 $
    J65 Spicy Salmon7.00 $
    J66 Spicy Yellowtail 7.00 $
    J67 Philadelphia 7.00 $
    J68 Spicy Scallop 8.00 $
    J69 Shrimp Tempura7.00 $
    J70 Yellowtail Jalapeno 7.00 $
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    J71 Salmon Skin6.00 $
    J72 Spider 12.00 $
    J73 King Crab Avocado13.00 $
    Signature Rolls

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    J74 Waterfront 14.00 $

    Salmon tempura, avocado topped with raw salmon and spicy mayo

    J75 Tuna Amazing 14.00 $

    White Tuna tempura, spicy tuna, avocado topped with peppered tuna, mango, eel sauce, tariku

    J76 Angry Dragon 14.00 $

    Shrimp tempura, spicy tuna, papaya topped with spicy kani crabstick and sweet citrus sauce

    J77 Rock and Roll 16.00 $

    Shrimp tempura, king crab, tariku, cream cheese, soy pepper

    J78 Sexy Lobster Roll (Soy Wrap) 18.00 $

    Lobster tempura, avocado topped with lobster salad, eel sauce and spicy mayo

    J79 Valentine Roll (Soy Wrap) 18.00 $

    Shrimp tempura, crab tempura, avocado topped with spicy king crab and eel sauce

    J80 Maki A 16.00 $

    Tuna roll, salmon roll, California roll

    J81 Maki B 19.00 $

    Spicy tuna roll, spicy salmon roll, spicy crab roll

    J82 Maki C 20.00 $

    Shrimp tempura, California, eel avocado

    J83 Aquarium Sushi28.00 $

    9 pcs assorted fish, tuna roll

    J84 Tri-Color 3 Way35.00 $

    3 pcs tuna Sashimi, 2 pcs salmon Sashimi, 2 pcs yellow Sashimi, 3 tri-color, with rainbow roll

    J85 Aquarium Sashimi42.00 $

    15 pcs assorted sashimi

    J86 Sushi and Sashimi OmakaseM.P $

    Staring from $60 - $100

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    House Special Entree
    Picture: J93 Chicken Teriyaki

    J87 Blackberry Salmon 26.00 $

    Grilled salmon fillet, blackberry glaze, roasted garlic mashed potato

    J88 Rib-Eye 26.00 $

    Gilled rib-eye steak, roasted garlic mashed potato, mixed vegetable with mushroom sauce

    J89 Shrimp and Lobster Risotto 28.00 $

    Grilled shrimp and lobster, Thai brown rice with lemon sauce

    J90 Miso Chilean Sea Bass30.00 $

    Grilled Chilean sea bass, grilled asparagus, Thai brown rice with orange miso sauce

    J91 King of the Sea 33.00 $

    Jumbo shrimp, U-10 scallop, lobster tail, Thai brown rice, lemon butter sauce

    J92 Filet Mignon 35.00 $

    Gilled center cut fillet mignon, shallot and red wine reduction


    J93 Chicken18.00 $
    J94 Rib-Eye Steak22.00 $
    J95 Shrimp or Salmon23.00 $
    J96 Scallop23.00 $


    J97 Mixed Vegetable14.00 $
    J98 Chicken Vegetable16.00 $
    J99 Jumbo Shrimp & Veggie20.00 $
    J100 Combo20.00 $

    Chicken, Shrimp, Veggie

Malaysian cuisine reflects the multicultural aspects of the country Malaysian cuisine reflects the multicultural aspects of the country, with historical English, Portuguese and Dutch influences, and present connection to its Southeast Asian neighbors. Various ethnic groups in Malaysia have their own delicacies with a mixture of Malays, Chinese, Indians, Thais and Arabian cuisines. This resulted in a symphony of flavors and passion, making Malaysian cuisines highly delicious and exotic.